On this flavorful journey, we invite lovers of Greek cuisine to a unique culinary experience. The menus of the Restaurants “Ta Xydia” in Ioannina are composed of select ingredients and traditional recipes that elevate your taste experience to another level.

Authentic Greek cuisine flavors

The incredible flavors of the meze dishes are combined with the authenticity of Greek cuisine, creating a combination that will satisfy every craving. From traditional meat appetizers to diverse seafood appetizers and exquisite homemade delicacies, every small taste will transport you to the culinary delights of Greece.

Quality choices for every taste preference

With unique freshness and quality ingredients, our menus offer a plethora of choices to cater to every taste preference. Whether you’re a fan of meats, seafood, vegetables, or traditional flavors, we await you to enjoy our world of tastes and aromas in the heart of Ioannina.

Visit us today to enjoy this unique culinary adventure. Our team is eager to welcome you and offer you an experience that will exceed your expectations.

1st Store: “Ta Xydia” at Square

2nd Store: “Ta Xydia” in Lake

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